24th - 25th, June 2017 @ Edinburgh.


Designed by Alan in Caledonia.

Sadly, I had to cancel NSScotland last year after a couple of tragic accidents over the summer made organising it untenable.

Its been a while since we got together, and many of us are not travelling to the US any time soon, so the idea was floated of organising something over the summer, after WWDC.

So in that spirit, I have booked us a room and projector at codebase in Edinburgh for two days - June 24th and 25th.

Though everyone is welcome to present, there's no organised speakers (I didn't think I'd have time) just tables, power, internet and a projector for two days. Oh, and lunch from Illegal Jacks :-)

Who's paying for it?

My intention, as revealed in 2016, was to start running the entire thing as not-for-profit in a formal sense, as opposed to technically-for-profit-just-not-making-any which I was doing before.

To that end, three sponsors have lept into action immediately. The room is being paid for by James Thomson's TLA Systems (buy PCalc!) and Gavin and Gordon at OpenPlanet (buy Smoovie!). The lunch is being paid for by Pieter Omvlee from Bohemian (buy Sketch!). These wonderful sponsors make it possible for me not to charge anything for a ticket at all.

However, we've found in the past that making an event actually free tends to lead lots of signups but an empty hall on the day, and that makes it hard to plan numbers so in this case I am asking for a £20 charity donation to book a spot. When you sign up you have the option to have that go to one of two Scottish Charities.

The Childrens Hospice Association provides end of life care and support for parents of children who will not live to adulthood. I've been trying to funnel conference money to them for 10 years and I thunk we're near £25,000 from various conferences.

Shelter Scotland provides support and assistance for homeless people living on Scotlands Streets. I've been personally donating to them for a while, and now you can too.

When you book your ticket you'll have the option. To keep things simple, that money comes to me and when the conference starts I will total up all the cash I received (Square take fees to process the transaction, but ti.to have generously waived theirs because its for charity) and split it based on the proportion of votes for one or the other and donate it directly. This is a little unorthodox, but it saves me trying to match free tickets against JustGiving or something. I hope you'll trust me to do the right thing.

Sign me up!

You can purchase a ticket (for a miniumum £20 donation) at ti.to

You can sign up for a slack we created a couple of years ago to talk about accomodation or travel etc

I hope we'll see you there!

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