22nd - 23rd October, 2016 @ Edinburgh.


Designed by Alan in Caledonia.

Sadly, I've had to cancel NSScotland for this year after a couple of tragic accidents over the summer made organising it untenable.

Instead the conference will run in the spring of 2017 with essentially the same model.

My intention (like we did in 2011) is to run the conference as cheaply as possible. I'd prefer not to have to handle any cash at all and find sponsors to meet costs directly.

By having no costs, I dont have to charge for tickets, and so will (again, like 2011) be able to request you make a charity donation instead to reserve your space.

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Estimated Costs

£325.00+VAT Hire of Codebase Event Space for Saturday, furniture, projector, screen James Thomson

TLA Systems
£325.00+VAT Hire of Codebase Event Space for Sunday, furniture, projector, screen Daniel Kennett

£200.00+VAT Hire of Codebase breakout area for lunch both days Chris Snazell

£300 (inc VAT) Lunch Saturday Gavin MacLean and Gordon Murrison

Open Planet
£300 (inc VAT) Lunch Sunday Gavin MacLean and Gordon Murrison

Open Planet
£390.00 (inc VAT) Coffee for both days. £14.50 per 10-cup-flask, assuming 10 flasks per day ? Simon Wolf

Otter Software
£120.00 (no VAT) Hire of the church hall for Saturday evening dinner no sponsor
£900.00 (no VAT) Illegal Jacks Dinner + Drinks Saturday Evening Seeker GmbH

£???.?? T Shirts (maybe) no sponsor

Alan C. Francis

In 20 years, Alan’s done a lot of different things in Software. He’s built control systems for dams in FORTRAN, the original DVD authoring tools on Windows in C++, Financial Systems on Solaris in Java, System Monitoring software on Linux in Ruby, and these days merchant tools for iOS in Objective C. In between he’s been an Agile process consultant for ObjectMentor and ThoughtWorks, and co-organises the Scottish Ruby Conference.


Paul Wilson

Paul is a coach and coder with over ten years of experience of Agile/XP. He is an active member of the Ruby and Agile communities, and co-organiser of the Scottish Ruby Conference. He has spoken at many conferences and events; these include RubyConf, The Naked Agilist, and guest lectures at Glasgow Caledonian and Edinburgh Napier Universities.